About Me

Hi and thanks for taking time to find out a little more about me.

I first had a interest in magic when I was a child (a long time ago!).

I would watch the Paul Daniels show every week on TV and was amazed by the magic he would perform and I was truly hooked. My mum bought me a Paul Daniels magic set for Christmas and I was fascinated by learning each of the tricks and showing them to friends and family.

Many years later I visited a magic shop for the first time and bought a few tricks to show my friends, as time went on I became friends with the owner and started to learn the more professional effects that he would show me. 

That was my first venture into real professional magic.

Since that time I have performed magic at numerous functions such as weddings,  children’s birthday parties, product launches and corporate parties. 

I also work at a magic shop in Manchester and teach magic to various age groups. I have even taught the breakfast show presenters at Key 103 in Manchester (see photo) how to perform three separate magic tricks on stage in front of a audience of over 200 people.

I love performing magic, its the reactions I get that really makes it worthwhile. 

Magic has a unique way of bringing people together as they all share in that one “wow” moment and that is what makes it so memorable for everyone involved. 

Thanks for taking time to read about me and my journey into becoming a full time professional magician.